Honeymoon Europe 2018 : Seventh Act : Rome

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What possible could be more perfect than Ischia? The Island that gave us all the possibilities to meet up with the great goddess of the Earth. Madam Vesuvio gave her blessings and send us off to greater things. Not without tumults and challenges. But with more clarity and commitment, devotion and knowledge. 

We were on our way to Rome. My first time. Our first time. And it was on my list for a very long time. I can’t even explain how excited I was. 


Traveling per high speed train from Naples to Rome is a treat. It takes an hour to an hour and a half and the trains are clean, super comfortable seats that recline and the service is great. Of course we had our Prosecco ready. 



Behind us on the train was a traditional family ;father,mother and 2 little girls. Italians. The girls seem very curious and watched our every move. The father and mother seemed very sweet and nice and when we explained to them that we just got married and were on our honeymoon they congratulated us and explained it to their daughters. The younger one now really was interested and did not let us out of her eye sight until we arrived in Rome. I think she was a little in love with Dalila. Excellent taste at this young age.






We stayed at the Hotel Cosmopolita Roma, Via di S. Eufemia, a beautiful Hotel right in the middle of everything. I tried to get the same Hotel I booked for us the year before but they were all occupied. I did managed to make a reservation at the Hotel’s Restaurant on the rooftop for dinner for us.


Next to our Hotel was a restaurant which had gluten free pizza and that was our first thing to do. Because they had no dairy free cheese, they actually let us buy some sheep cheese at the near local market and we just handed it to them. They kept it for us and I believe Dalila got like 3 pizzas out of it in the next few days.


The heat was on in Europe, we realized it more in Rome than before just because there was no Breeze coming from the ocean. We settled for lunch at Cin Cin Bar and Ristorante overlooking the Piazza Venezia. That little lunch spot were we had to climb a small staircase to emerge to the outside patio was the perfect break to taste more of this delicious Italian Food. 














Right after lunch we started to explore ancient Rome. So much to see, everything was really exciting for me. I really could not get enough of Rome. We managed to see The Roman Forum and The Colosseum on our first day and just walked around a bit more on this hot summer day.









Dalila_Colloseum copyDalila_Colloseum copy




“Oh, the streets of Rome are filled with rubble,

Ancient footprints are everywhere.

You can almost think that you're seein' double

On a cold, dark night on the Spanish Stairs.”         Bob Dylan on Greatest Hits Vol II 1971 








Later, back to our Hotel we ordered some gluten and dairy free Pizza from downstairs and relaxed after a lot of walking with some Prosecco we got from the grocery store. And yes, it was warm and we needed ice. No ice in the store, so I called our reception to bring us up some ice as the ice makers were nowhere to be seen. We literally died laughing but see for yourself what we got.








I think they literally gave us all they had. But we had a fridge in the suite , so everything worked out.


Rome is amazing. Go and see it. Go experience it.


More in the next post… but for now more pictures from our first day.


Much love,





DSC_7808DSC_7808 DSC_7849DSC_7849 DSC_7854DSC_7854 DSC_7861DSC_7861 DSC_7868DSC_7868 DSC_7887DSC_7887 DSC_7900DSC_7900






































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