Honeymoon Europe 2018 : Fifth Act

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Napoli or Naples, Italy. We got there by plane in about an hour from Berlin. We had a driver waiting for us to take us to an apartment which I booked on booking.com. Just on the drive there I knew already I would love it here. I always loved Italy but that was my first adventure into the South. The apartment adventure on the other side turned out to be just like that, the kind of adventure you do not want on your honey moon.



Screenshot 2019-03-28 11.25.51Screenshot 2019-03-28 11.25.51


The code they gave us was wrong, so we could not get in. The area wasn’t really what we thought it would be as well, the photos for sure looked very different. I contacted Booking.com at least 5 times and I still did not get my money back. Please be careful and aware with this company. Bad customer service. I will never use them again.



Our phones got low and there was nowhere to plug in. We did had batteries but they got low as well. Communicating with the neighbors turned out to be a challenge; they did not speak English or German and my Italian is very limited. Dalila even tried some French but Italian it was. We all had a great laugh because no one could understand the other. So we did what we had to do as it was our honeymoon.


We grabbed another cab and as Napoli is beautifully located on the water, we decided to get a Hotel right there, at the coast. Our choice was the Grand Hotel Vesuvio from which - you can guess by the title - you can see The Grand Madam Vesuvio; Mount Vesuvio, the Goddess of all Volcanos, for me at least. And the Island of Capri; all from their balconies and rooftop bars and pool. I think it is the most beautiful Hotel I have ever stayed at. With the most beautiful woman in the world.






Screenshot 2019-03-28 11.42.46Screenshot 2019-03-28 11.42.46

After changing out of the plane clothes and taking a shower , we were heading out to explore this side of Napoli, all on the water. Hungry and excited for our first meal in Napoli we settled for a restaurant very close to our Hotel. Service was great, we got to taste a few different Aperitifs after dinner , all Lemoncello's and Ramazzotti's . The food was really great , fresh made pasta. Dalila had salmon . It was the perfect evening. http://www.antonioeantonio.com/.



Screenshot 2019-03-28 11.39.07Screenshot 2019-03-28 11.39.07




Napoli, Naples, one of the most densely populated cities in Europe, famous for the food and wine and scooters. I never saw so many scooters. Even Rome had nothing on Napoli. Placed gorgeously at the Gulf of Naples, the Tyrrhenian Sea which is part of the Mediterranean Sea off the Western coast of Italy. Very mild climate; it reminded me of childhood summers we spend always on some coast. The Baltic Sea or the Black Sea. The sun was going down and you saw the majestic Volcano Vesuvio watching over us. This was one of the moments when you wish it would never end.



Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.21.14Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.21.14





Back at the Hotel we settled in with a bottle of Prosecco on our balcony and watched people walk by at night, coming out of the restaurants and bars, dancing, singing, talking. We put on our bathrobes and just enjoyed the night and each others company.





Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.19.12Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.19.12





Our second day and third day in Napoli was exploring the town a bit deeper,shopping, eating more of this fantastic food everywhere and we  visited a castle Ovo Castle (Castel dell’Ovo) which was pretty much right in front of our hotel. But first breakfast in bed, honeymoon style.





untitled (132 of 364)untitled (132 of 364)



On our strolls through Napoli we came across a store with home made fresh Pasta,  R. Strino - also known as The Pasta brothers on 84 Via Santa Lucia, Naples, Campania. If you ever have the chance to go to Napoli, check out this Family owned business. Both brothers are amazing humans and their Balsamico , Hallelujah! The Pasta is to die for and they just have so many different kinds , the same for the Balsamico. It was hard to chose and you seriously can buy a bottle from like $8 up till $80. We got a nice stash and I believe we still have one bottle left. Time to refill soon.








untitled (278 of 364)untitled (278 of 364)


If you ever make it to Napoli don't forget to eat some Gelato! In fact, anywhere in Italy. But here they even had lactose free Gelato so Dalila could enjoy some of the dark chocolate Gelato. I was too busy eating to take a picture but here is the link to to store we went to.


Another day in Napoli enjoying the amazing food and wines, glorious views and the amazing friendly people in town and in our hotel.



untitled (230 of 364)untitled (230 of 364)



Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.11.22Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.11.22


Next adventure is Ischia,a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, Italy. But here are a few more pictures from Napoli, more food and drink. And I know I will be back, I really enjoyed this town and it's people, the food and architecture was outstanding. Sitting at night at the beach on one of it's many rocks really brought me back to my childhood. Maybe that was where the familiarity, the feeling of home came from.


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.28.03Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.28.03













Screenshot 2019-03-28 13.03.22Screenshot 2019-03-28 13.03.22
























Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.31.36Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.31.36


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.31.53Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.31.53


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.40.54Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.40.54


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.41.05Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.41.05


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.41.14Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.41.14


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.55.14Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.55.14


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.56.30Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.56.30


Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.57.27Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.57.27




untitled (303 of 364)untitled (303 of 364)









Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.57.59Screenshot 2019-03-28 12.57.59



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