Honeymoon Europe 2018: Second Act

February 07, 2019  •  3 Comments

I thought we just have 2 full days in Paris so I made my wife rush with me through all the places I really wanted to see, places I missed last time or places I just missed so much. I did not let her sleep much , who needs sleep when you are in Paris anyway, right?

It was for sure not enough time and we agreed to come back here , for much longer. I just love the smell of fresh croissants in the morning with those endless tiny cups of espresso that will keep you going all day long. The atmosphere in french restaurants when the waiter in his long white apron brings you that basket of fresh bread with butter, riddling down the specials of the day. And after an fantastic meal , more espresso. Just that alone is a nice welcome to be back in Europe.  

Sleep deprived I made Dalila go with me to the Louvre. So many people tried to get into the museum, we just looked at each other and ya, that was a no.So we just walked around outside, I took a few photos and clearly my wife was playing along, the superhero she is . Everything was perfect. I was with my love, the most wonderful and beautiful woman in the world in the most romantic city in the world.

In their hotel bar we stopped here for some amazing cocktails and a break from running around all day.







I wanted more and I got it; we strolled along the Seine, visited a few bridges, towers and just walked around in those old cobblestone streets.


Back at our apartment on the 7th floor we packed and had to get all our luggage down those 7 floors ,I was too busy to take photos but it was hysterical. More dragging and pushing than carrying for sure.

Drenched in sweat  we got in an Uber and arrived at the airport over an hour later just in time to run to our gate. Sleep deprived and on my honeymoon, drinking Prosecco and Espresso all day, made me switch the days …At check in we got informed that we were a day early? How could that happened? I mean who does that. Too early to leave Paris?  I had plans, routes, timetables and sketches all over my sketchbooks and on my phone. And I still messed up the dates.

Was my mother actually expecting us already ? Well she was not expecting us,and almost 80 years old she is very particular about certain things, so I was throwing her off to ask her if we could come a day early. Dalila wanted to wait and pray on what hotel and I was not having that, calling my friend Candice, who lives and works in Paris, for a hotel, I could not reach her but left her a message and reconnected with her in Berlin.We payed an extra fee to get on that plane and made it to Berlin.


Great little lunch box they had on the plane to Berlin.


We both thought it would be lovely to spend time in Berlin, waited at airport,I talked with Candice but it was too short notice so the Hyatt in Berlin was fully booked.  Even we did it by mistake we really looked forward to be in Berlin, and homeground made things easier for sure.

We got lucky at the airport and got an great cab driver from Iran who was driving around with us to get us to a nice hotel. He even turned his meter off the last few stops. The Garden Hotel was fully booked but right across the street was Hotel i31 and it was delightful!


There was a spa and a restaurant and a gym.But what impressed me most was the different kind of Gummy bears they had at check in. And  a menu just for pillows, so you can chose the size, fabric and density. Heaven.




For dinner we headed to an Italian restaurant, recommendation from the Hotel staff called http://www.bonfini.de/  Great food and the staff and owners were awesome. Met some interesting people there,2 guys from Germany that were Ambassadors and stationed in different parts of the world.They told us that this was there favorite Italian Restaurant in Berlin. Great service in Germany, clearly I've been away for too long and must have missed something.




After dinner we strolled around a little bit but really looked forward to those pillows and got to the hotel early at night. and yes, we slept amazing in those beds and because we had to get some work done - the only one on our honeymoon - we stationed ourselves in the lobby and grabbed some food and Prosecco. I had the chance to watch a few world cup games in the Garden.



And then off we went to the big train station in Berlin Mitte to see my Mom . We had a stop to switch trains,old buildings still just sitting there from after the wall came down and a bit spooky and also a bit frightening. We were the only ones there! But them we heard some noise from a close restaurant. We both at the same time had not a good feeling about it. The patio was full ,but we did not see one single woman there and everybody seemed to be drunk, at least some were yelling at each other , the entire scene did not seemed ok. We had some time to kill and to refill our Prosecco supply; with our luggage and over cobblestone streets again we made it in time to a small store before they closed.

Back on the train tracks we waited patiently for our train to arrive - and of course, the train was on time !








                                                   More photos from the trip here:












Next stop, Mama’s house and Haldensleben and a few more.


                                                         Peace, love and resistance,





Sondra Nicole Jackson(non-registered)
Connie these are gorgeous photos, I love Europe so much history. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs to you and the Fam.
Such awesome photos!
Jason Stuart(non-registered)
U both touch my heart
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