Honeymoon Europe 2018 : First Act

January 18, 2019  •  3 Comments

As messed up and horrendous  2018 was politically , it was also a beautiful year personally and professionally.

Mainly because I was lucky enough to go on my honeymoon with my wife . Almost exactly one year after we got married; we packed our bags and went to France, Germany and Italy . I was looking forward seeing my family and friends and to spend time with my wife in some of my favorite places in Europe.



LAX, Los Angeles


I reserved hotels, AirbnB, planes and trains and ferries, whatever we had to take.

Here now our first stop : Paris, France. Direct from Los Angeles.


I discovered this beautiful little Studio apartment on Airbnb, at the 8th District Montmartre ,one block away from the Moulin Rouge. I have to say Montmartre is both our favorite district. Arriving early in the morning,we  knew that jetlag will be bad so we had to stay awake. Which was not an issue as we discovered that our little cozy place was on the 7th floor. There was no elevator and I knew Dalila would not like that at all. But so at least we got some exercise. Which we got plenty in the next 2 weeks. The stairs were stunning, I couldn't get enough of them. I think Dalila didn’t care too much.  


stairs, Montmartrestairs, Montmartre



After long minutes of up and back down to get the next bag, we finally made it and settled in our lovely little place and went out right away to grab lunch at a beautiful restaurant : http://www.wepler.com/en/. 







Excellent food and after that we grabbed a taxi to Sacré-Cœur,a Roman Catholic church and minor basilica, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. From there you have the most beautiful view of Paris.I think everyone ever been to Paris has been there .I have been a few times to Paris and that was my first time at this church.  




At night  we strolled along the Promenade until 3 am, had a Vegan and gluten free pizza and used that time to reconnect  and talk.







Even though it was 3 am we were quite awake and looked for more to do. And we were not the only ones ! Down the street was a bar with a bunch of people sitting outside and they had Jameson on tap! So we settled for that bar, Dalila had Prosecco and I had Jameson  for the next 2 hours until not sleeping caught up with us and we went back to our little beautiful studio apartment on the 7th floor.






As mentioned before, we were about a block away from the Moulin Rouge, I went the next morning to Artisan Boulanger- Pattisier  La Prairie to grab some coffee 7 am. My french is terrible and I did not think using German would get me a any further. There was no drip coffee in that place, I got my wife a green tea - I managed that - and I ordered  4 shots of espresso for myself. I tried to explain to her that all those 4 shots were meant for me but I failed.They had no lids or trays. And I got a croissant. So what I had was 5 cups to go and a bag with a croissant. I also had keys for the gate to get back into our apartment.










I juggled and managed, put all the cups down on the street, opened the gate, put my foot between the gate, managed to pick up all 5 cups and the bag and got into the gate. There was a little backyard kinda thing so I had another gate with another code and had to repeat the procedure. At no point in time it occurred to me to combine those espresso cups into one or two. To my defense I was jet lagged and really needed some caffeine.

After that I had to climb 7 floors to make it to our apartment,with no air left in my lungs .





The next day the lady in the patisserie - had mercy on me, laughed because she played a trick on me , but then gave me all 4 shots in one cup ! Great start to another day in Paris. It was cloudy and chili but that could not mess with our good mood and excitement to explore Paris for the first time together. And the clouds added to my pictures  a beautiful touch.



Please enjoy, pictures are all ©Kurtew Photography , phone pictures as well.








DSC_5943DSC_5943 DSC_5949DSC_5949 DSC_6276DSC_6276 DSC_6285DSC_6285 DSC_6292DSC_6292 DSC_6294DSC_6294 DSC_6296DSC_6296 DSC_6326DSC_6326 DSC_6344DSC_6344 DSC_6350DSC_6350 DSC_6356DSC_6356 DSC_6357DSC_6357 DSC_6462DSC_6462 DSC_6463DSC_6463 DSC_6467DSC_6467 DSC_6471DSC_6471 DSC_6474DSC_6474 DSC_6475DSC_6475 DSC_6479DSC_6479 DSC_6480DSC_6480 DSC_6485DSC_6485 DSC_6486DSC_6486 DSC_6494DSC_6494 DSC_6518DSC_6518 DSC_6529DSC_6529 DSC_6539DSC_6539 DSC_6562DSC_6562 DSC_6563DSC_6563 DSC_6571DSC_6571 DSC_6574DSC_6574

DSC_6579DSC_6579 DSC_6582DSC_6582 DSC_6602DSC_6602







DSC_6609DSC_6609 DSC_6615DSC_6615 DSC_6618DSC_6618 DSC_6631DSC_6631 DSC_6641DSC_6641 DSC_6667DSC_6667 DSC_6669DSC_6669 DSC_6677DSC_6677 DSC_6683DSC_6683 DSC_6686DSC_6686 DSC_6700DSC_6700 DSC_6710DSC_6710 DSC_6711DSC_6711 DSC_6712DSC_6712 DSC_6713DSC_6713 DSC_6715DSC_6715 DSC_6717DSC_6717 DSC_6722DSC_6722 DSC_6723DSC_6723 DSC_6724DSC_6724 DSC_6750DSC_6750 DSC_6812DSC_6812 DSC_6854DSC_6854


IMG_2879IMG_2879 IMG_2881IMG_2881 IMG_2882IMG_2882 IMG_2886IMG_2886 IMG_2898IMG_2898 IMG_2967IMG_2967 IMG_3053IMG_3053 IMG_3278IMG_3278




all images ©Kurtew Photography and available for purchase




Paula Kreger(non-registered)
Such awesome photography - unique angles, perspectives and attitude!
Michael Hurst(non-registered)
Wow Connie, Thanks for sharing all the dizzying views and doing the stair climbing for us. The crisp images made me feel like i was there,,,
Damn. Your beautiful photos really make me miss that city! I’ve only been once and can’t wait to go back. Thanks for bringing it to life for me! Glad you both had a wonderful time.
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