Cornelia “Connie” Kurtew is a published, award winning visionary artist hailing from seemingly stark and barren ground left behind the wall a generation after the war in East Germany. She is a consummate artist who has been creating visual and written art since she was a child.


Her unique childhood, rebel spirit, and astute awareness were a fertile foundation for her transformative prism.

Her upbringing and the melodic gravel of Bob Dylan’s voice called her to California after the wall fell to follow her dreams. At the tender age of 10, she was brought to tears listening to Like a Rolling Stone before she even knew the meaning of a single word he uttered.


Every photograph she takes carries you into another world, or reawakens a world you have already seen, but in way you couldn’t imagine until her lens gave you passage.


Connie lives in Los Angeles with her wife and child, 2 dogs, a cat, and more to come. She is a Portrait Photographer and Visual Artist and is working on a Documentary with her wife Dalila Ali Rajah called Perspective and Privilege. The installation Perspective and Privilege is a  documentary and the Portraiture series that is part of Artist Resistance.